People search for Lily Allen like crazy

lily allen drinks from a bag like a proper lady shouldAn anecdotal curiosity that I'd like to share:

PulverRadio, as you may know if you're one of my transplanted readers, is no more. But nobody's unplugged the web server yet, so although there's a farewell message in place of the home page, for the time being you can still find all the content that was ever there if you know where to look. Google, as you might have guessed, knows exactly where to look.

Out of curiosity today, I took a look at the site stats since we shut down the streams. Unsurprisingly, they're not as high as they once were. What caught my eye, though, was how many people continue to land on the blog pages that have pictures of, or even mention of, Lily Allen. As a search term, Lily Allen outweighs the next most popular term (Kill Hannah, wtf?) by an order of magnitude.

Personally, I think Lily is good, not great. I've often marveled at the amount of blog bandwidth dedicated to the "news" whenever she posts to her myspace page, but perhaps it's all because I'm not the first to have noticed how many people are searching for her. I never once wrote about Amy Winehouse on the old blog (what?), but I'm willing to bet she's similarly traffic-friendly.

Not a jab at anyone who writes about these ladies. Just interesting, is all.

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