Mucca Pazza: Astounding Circus Punk Marching Band

And that tagline (lifted straight from mucca-pazza.org) pretty much says it all. Mucca Pazza is a sizable group of around 30 Chicago musicians (and cheerleaders, it would seem) that throw the kind of parties nerds have wet dreams about, but that anyone with a pulse should be able to enjoy. From their MySpace page:
Mucca Pazza -
File under: Punk Circus Marching Band
Or: Nerd-Core (Nerd Corps?)

See slide trombones, marching drums, accordions and other romantic icons wielded by musicians with the purpose of making music, instigating spontaneous dancing, loss of bladder control, and horn honking. You may find it sexy if you like uniforms or anything dork-ass.
They're going on a short tour later this summer culminating in a show at NYC's Highline Ballroom August 9th. Hopefully they'll make good on their promise of lost bladder control.

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