The other green at Bonnaroo

MSN has a great article on Bonnaroo's continuing efforts to make their festival as green as possible. This year, one stage was powered completly by the sun, all non-music stages were powered by ethanol generators, all goods sold by festival vendors were completely recyclable or compostable, and organizers zoomed around on zero emission electrical golf carts. A bunch of carbon credits were purchased to offset the festival's footprint even further, and the folks at Clif Bar chipped in to help environmentally conscious festival attendees to buy renewable energy credits to offset the impact of getting to and from the Tennessee farm. Next year, they plan to push the envelope even further.

Of course, Bonnaroo isn't the only large concert event striving for environmental friendliness these days. Something about Al Gore... But how cool would it be if environmentally friendly venues became so fashionable that it became expedient for the big guys (Live Nation, etc.) to adopt similar policies? Pretty cool, I think.

I wasn't there, but I hear The Hold Steady kicked ass.

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