Our Lady Peace doing the play-the-whole album thing

...but only in Canada.  For now, anyway.  They're doing 2-night stays at each venue they hit, playing Clumsy and Spiritual Machines in their entirety, then playing sets of new material immediately following.  My 16 year old self just squee'd a little.

ourladypeace.net for details, if you're Canadian.


"It's a great time to get off the Titanic"

OK Go's Damian Kulash wrote an Op-Ed in the NYT back in February lamenting EMI's draconian YouTube policies, and in doing so piqued the interest of NPR's Planet Money crew, who posted an interview with him last week.  It's about economics, which nobody does better than Planet Money, but it's also about the never-ending death spiral of the major label, which would be old news by now if Damian didn't explain it so deftly.

Planet Money is awesome and you should listen all the time anyway, but you should especially listen to this one.