Dropkick Murphys work with Springsteen on their new record

dropkick murphys going out in style
Buried deep in a truly epic press release about Dropkick Murphys' upcoming release (it's called Going Out In Style, it comes out March 1st, and it'll be good just like all their other records) I found a tidbit of information that actually moved me to write a post about a record I haven't heard that doesn't come out for more than a month: F-ING SPRINGSTEEN IS ON IT.
For Going Out In Style, Dropkick Murphys even enlisted the vocal talents of the legendary Bruce Springsteen--whom they first met at a DKM gig in New York and later collaborated with onstage at one of Springsteen’s Boston shows. Springsteen swaps verses with Casey for a spirited take on the old standard “Peg O’ My Heart.” “It has a classic old fifties rock and roll feel,” says Casey. “Both of my grandmothers are named Peg. One grandmother, Peg Casey, is always saying, 'When are you going to do that song? Your grandfather always sang it to me!' The time signature changed, so hopefully they still appreciate it when they hear it.”

The collaboration is a perfect intergenerational bridge for fans and band alike. Dropkick Murphys have always strongly resonated with audiences young and old due to their working class ethos and cathartic sonic revelry. "It links two generations,” says Casey. “We're spanning a lot of years of music here, yet our songs share similar themes, stories, and values."
Here's a video of DKM covering Springsteen, since all the videos I could find of them on stage together sounded like diarrhea.

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