Pete Wentz: "He started it!"

Pete Wentz tells the decent-looking-now-that-it's-html-again mtv.com that his latest throwdown was in self defense:
"The truth is on the way out the door I had to pass directly next to the guy and I knew it, so I kept my head down and walked out. As I did, the guy reached out and grabbed me and said something I couldn't really hear — it was a glorious use of the English language, though," he continued. "As he grabbed me, I punched him. Yell all you want at me, say whatever, but in a situation like that I will defend myself. After that, of course, it got chaotic, [but] we have several independent witnesses that gave statements saying he grabbed me first ...
Of course when Pete says "it got chaotic" what he probably means is "I got the F out, and our security guys took care of him." A nameless concert-goer tells mtv:
"They did their last song, walked off the stage and headed toward a side door to go out onto the sidewalk. But that's when the scuffle happened," the concertgoer told MTV News. "The crowd surged back, then snapped forward. From my vantage point, I could see Fall Out Boy security was pounding on the guy. The guy was down on floor, shirt ripped, bleeding from ear and nose. There was a lot of blood."
What ever happened to security just breaking up fights, and not always finishing them? Twist the guy's arm or something and drag him away. There's just a lot of blood in that picture, is all.

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