Cartel: All-American Redux?

Cartel emerged yesterday from their bubble in NYC and unleashed "Lose It" upon the world. Have a listen to it (it's the song that starts streaming when www.cartelrocks.com loads) and decide for yourself whether or not the Atlanta band can claim victory.

It sounds to me like a hit, which I think is at least half of all Will Pugh ever wanted. I won't be surprised if this stays rotation on Z100 all summer long. I'm even prepared to admit that I've been playing it over and over for the last 15 minutes.

As for being recognized as something (anything!) other than "another dickless band with mediocre songs," in the eyes of the world, the question remains: Will anybody who wrote this stunt off (rightly so) as a cheap publicity grab even bother to listen to it? Is the song good enough to overcome Cartel's damaged credibility?

Also: I thought it was just them and a manager in the bubble. Where the hell did the female vocals come from? Anyone?

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