Jaymay is doing well for herself

Here I was thinking Jaymay had a nice following in New York City and hoping that I could do my little part to spread the word beyond. And then I hear that she's got a banner in the Folk section of the iTunes Music Store, and that her record is in the top 10 there. So I guess she's bigger than I thought, though I'm not really surprised.

It's really gratifying to see people embracing good music. So much of the best stuff remains below the radar. And I have to assume that good old fashioned word of mouth (amplified by the newfangled internets) is responsible for her success thusfar, and to a guy like me, that's deeply encouraging.

If you haven't heard Jaymay on PulverRadio yet, you're probably not listening all that much. WTF, guy. So listen a lot more. And go right now to her myspace page and check out her stuff. She's quite good.

(Note: you can download "You Are The Only One I Love" there, which was recorded the first night I saw Jaymay, which was by accident, at The Living Room. She was on before Josh Pyke. New York rules like that. After Jaymay and Josh Pyke a little jazz trio got up and then Norah Jones got up on stage and sang a few songs with them in a hoodie in front of about 20 people.)


Josh Pyke - Live at PulverRadio 5/26/05

click here for mp3.
runtime: about 20 minutes

I'd been following Josh closely when he was going by the name Night Hour, and I was so excited when I heard he was coming to New York for a few weeks, and when I found out he'd have the time to stop by my studio, I just about lost it. It's not every day I get to have really cool people play in the studio, especially really cool people from the other side of the world. Josh played 4 songs (two very new ones) and he sounded truly fantastic. Setlist follows:

The Doldrums
Middle of the Hill
Kids Don't Sell Their Hopes So Fast
Fill You In

Feeding the Wolves