Railbird continues to impress

I managed to duck into Railbird's set at the Living Room last night, and if there's any band I'm listening to right now that's perched (see what I did there) on the threshold of a great record, it's these guys.  There is so much talent on stage when they play that I spent most of their set last night slack-jawed and shaking my head.  Thing is, their recordings to date have yet to do their live show justice.  If the record they're working on now doesn't turn heads, it won't be the fault of the songwriting, or the playing.  I'm gonna pin it on Jeremy Gustin, their producer.  He's got all the clay a sculptor could ever want.

You've got 2 more Wednesdays this month to see them.



The Chap - We Work In Bars

The Chap split their time between London and Berlin. Or maybe some of them live in the former and the others the latter. Or maybe there's a city called London/Berlin somewhere. Probably not that one though.  They've been around for a while, and once in a while an mp3 of theirs crosses my desk. I could have sworn I'd written about them before and/or posted a song, but apparently not.

So...here's "We Work In Bars" from The Chap's upcoming Well Done Europe -- their fourth. It's about exactly what the title says it's about: working in bars. It's poppy, quirky, and fun, and if you're like me you'll end up playing it more than once.

The Chap - We Work In Bars (mp3)


How To Destroy Angels

Trent Reznor's newest project is, unsurprisingly to those who've followed his web activity for the past few years, available for free download in incredibly high quality (and, of course, DRM-free).

It's not NIN (that's a girl singing!), but Trent's new project with his wife Mariqueen Maandig still sounds very Reznor. And all it'll cost you is a valid email. Go go go go.