You can file this one under WTF as well...

Ever hear of Timbaland? How about Nelly Furtado? How about Janne Suni (aka Tempest)? Hmm...funny that. Because it would appear that poor Mr. Tempest got JACKED.

Please, if you want to get angry, go here (works much better in IE, unfortunately).

I sorta doubt many of you listen to Nelly Furtado, but Timbaland is working with EVERYONE these days. He makes LOTS of MONEY. And, it would appear that, in at least this case, he's a straight-up thief.

There is no justice in this world. None.

Thanks, Joystiq. (Click through to Joystiq for a downloadable mp3 of the original and a much better and less hastily written summary of the story.)

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