Out today: CYHSY, Youth Group, Lily Allen

Some Loud ThunderFans who preordered this were allowed early access to the mp3 files, so the most faithful have been sounding off on this record for some time already. As was expected, given the crushing weight of the hype surrounding Brooklyn's Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (even the WSJ is onto these guys), some people love it and some don't. Don't expect anyone calling this the #1 record of 2007 in December, but don't hold it against them.

Alright, StillHonestly, with all the blahblahblogging that's been going on about Ms. Allen for months, I really thought this record was already out. She's already been playing shows in the US and stuff. But apparently the record only came out here today. Listening to Lily Allen makes me want to lift my knees higher and move my arms more when I walk.

Casino Twilight DogsLast year was a fruitful one for Youth Group. They had a tour with Death Cab and songs on The OC (including a sweet "Forever Young" cover, which you can hear here and buy here). Neither of which hurt sales of Skeleton Jar. Some people think Youth Group is emo, but some people think everything is emo.

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