Out yesterday: The Shins, Rob Crow, David Vandervelde

Wincing the Night AwayThe interesting one to watch here (obviously) is Wincing the Night Away because it leaked months ago and it seems that everyone I know who cares at all has been listening to and enjoying The Shins' latest for quite some time. Will they go out and buy it anyway? Somebody should ask The Decemberists.

Living WellRob Crow wears many hats. One is pictured on the album cover. But others are of a more metaphorical nature. What I'm saying, man, is that he plays music with a lot of people. My favorite is Pinback, but if you want a complete list you can check out his Wikipedia entry and then start feeling really shitty about how many hours there are in the day and how many of them you waste driving to work or something while Rob Crow seems to never even sleep and cranks out record after record. I've been playign "Up" a lot on the air.

Moonstation House BandIt's been relatively quiet on the blog front about David Vandervelde. I say that because while he's getting a bit of ink, it's not nearly as much as he deserves for a record I think people will really sink their teeth into. Expect more of the 2nd and 3rd tier music blogs (I consider myself 8th tier) to pick up the slack and really hammer this guy when they all come to the realization there is more to life than Arcade Fire.

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