A late holiday present for you

endless mike and the beagle club petes candy store
God, I've been wanting to post this forever. If you've been paying attention you're quite aware of the heaping helpings of praise I'm always sending Endless Mike and The Beagle Club's way. Maybe you've muttered to yourself, consumed by frustration, "shut up and DANCE, Mikey!" not actually desiring me to cut rug, but simply exclaiming the first thing that came into your head immediately following the awareness of a dull ache that can only be eased by a groundbreakingly good track from The Husky Tenor. Well today, for you, I dance.

Endless Mike and The Beagle Club - Mr. Miller's Opus (mp3, right click to download)

This is the last track on The Husky Tenor and what I've found to be the one the people I play the record for latch onto most immediately. Imagine, as you listen, Mike playing an electric piano onstage while his 8-or-so person band mills about the stage, some sitting calmly, some pumping fists, all singing along un-mic'ed. And enjoy.

(Here are the lyrics on purevolume, where you can also stream the entire record.)

(Here is where you can buy it.)

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