Idlewild - No Emotion video

What you're looking at here is a decently shot live version of "No Emotion," Idlewild's latest. Of course, an official video has been shot, and it's done and readily available for you to view. Just not on YouTube. Seems Sanctuary would rather keep a tight grip on where you watch the video.


Here's how it works:
1) I hear a song. I wonder if it has a video.
2) I search YouTube.
3) I don't find it. Oh well. Guess there's no video. Guess I'll go watch some nubile teens lipsynch to OK Go songs instead.

These days, it's a waste of money to film a video for a song if you're not going to hand it over to the fans and let them spread the gospel.

The official video is available here. It's funny because it took me a while to get it even though it's totally obvious. They've got no emotion! Get it!? But if you've seen them live, you know that the emotionless performance shots aren't really that much of a stretch (which has always been one of the things I love about them).

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