The Snake The Cross The Crown are back, baby

the snake cross crown tstctcFollowing the release of Mander Salis in 2004 and subsequent tour, the band quietly put a note up on snakecrosscrown.com that they were taking a "hiatus" (if I remember correctly). Usually, that's what bands say when they don't want to deal with the full fallout of a breakup publicly (see Blink-182). Kinda like Hollywood couples separating but remaining great friends who call each other every night.

Not the case for TSTCTC though, apparently. Just as quietly as they stepped aside two years ago, The Snake The Cross The Crown started playing shows again recently. And last week while I was away, they posted "Behold The River" on the web, from their new record Cotton Teeth, out March 20.

The Snake The Cross The Crown - Behold The River (mp3, right click to download.)

There has been little fanfare to date. I expect that to change soon. This is really good. Really really good. I love this band, I was sad when I thought they were gone, and now that they're back, I'm just tickled pink.

At the moment, it would seem there's only one planned concert, about a week before the album's release, March 11 at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn. Which is a tiny little place (see this pic i took of The Beagle Club there for reference). I'm planning on being there.

(TSTCTC @ purevolume)

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