In competition for the worst price

idlewild make another worldBecause I'm obsessed, I just went and checked amazon for the status of the new Idlewild record. Of course, since there's not currently a deal for distribution in the states, if I want this record I have to import it for...$30.99! What a deal.

The world is very, very small (I'm talking to you now, record companies and band management). People who want this in the US aren't going to wait for it to be released here at a reasonable price, and they sure as hell aren't going to be shelling out $30.99 in any kind of huge numbers. If you ever want it to do well in the US, you NEED to release it at the same time everywhere.

I'm bothered because I love this band. I really want them to do well here, so they'll tour here more often, so people won't look at me cross-eyed when I wax rhapsodic about them. But a $30.99 pricetag basically dooms this record to stateside failure.

Here's the tracklisting:

1. In Competition For The Worst Time
2. Everything (As It Moves)
3. No Emotion
4. Make Another World
5. If It Takes You Home
6. Future Works
7. You & I Are Both Away
8. Ghost In The Arcade
9. Once In Your Life
10. Finished It Remains

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