Come on. Really?

Every time Steve Jobs opens his mouth (or types something, I guess) it's awesome for bloggers. And his latest missive about DRM apparently has ruffled some feathers over at Warner Music:
Warner Music chief executive Edgar Bronfman Jr. said in a call with analysts that the argument to drop copy protection also known as digital rights management (DRM) is "without logic and merit. We will not abandon DRM."

Oh Edgar, perhaps you should take a look at Warner Music's SEVENTY-FOUR PERCENT DROP IN PROFIT LAST YEAR and re-think your logic and merit.

This reeks of arrogance and myopia. The walls are CRUMBLING AROUND YOU. These majors are laying off their staffs, placing all their eggs in the baskets of a few huge-selling acts (EMI on Coldplay ring a bell?), and fiddling as the city burns. Get with the program, Edgar. The old ways aren't working any more.

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