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morrisseyThis time in text form! What a fascinating guy. A friend and I read this concomitantly, blasting quotes back and forth via IM as we came across good bits. I would relate some of them to you here (in block quotes and everything) but honestly I'd only end up copying and pasting the entire interview to you.

You can smell the fear of the interviewer right through the screen, which is notable because surely writing for LA Weekly this isn't the first big name she's had a chat with. Morrissey, larger-than-life as he is, must be amazingly intimidating to sit down next to. (See the last video on the 8th page for another example). But it seems to me in the interviews I've read and listened to lately, that if the interviewer can simply approach him as a human being and not as something to be poked and prodded, he's incredibly gracious. The sad state of affairs in the media is that those possessing the simple inter-personal skills to properly engage the man aren't as prevalent as they should be.

Ringleader Of The Tormentors

(Previously, an audio interview.)

Addendum: My profound admiration towards Kate Sullivan for naming this feature "Moz the Cat," which I have to assume is an allusion to Mog the Cat, from a book that my mom used to read to me when I was a kid.

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