The Bravery - The Spectator (mp3)

Back when The Bravery were first getting attention, a friend of mine went to go see them at a label showcase sorta deal in Los Angeles and had a vehemently negative reaction. So I was wary of them for a not very good reason from the beginning. And then they put out "Believe" and it sounded a lot like a Meat Puppets song that might not have been ubiquitous had Nirvana not covered it in a show that everyone in the entire world has listened to hundreds of times, and I sorta stopped paying attention.

But you know, whatever. Haters gonna hate; The Bravery're doing just fine. "The Spectator" will be on their forthcoming record, Stir The Blood, but it's also going to be released tomorrow on the Vampire Diaries soundtrack. Insert your own punchline about copycat vampires...all this negativity is really killing my buzz.

The Bravery - The Spectator (mp3)

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