I don't know what the F*CK you just said, Little Kid, but you special.

I've been listening to Ponytail's Ice Cream Spiritual for a few days now, and I'm still at a bit of a loss as to how it should be described.

Do you remember the kid you used to know in 3rd or 4th grade that would just constantly be making nonsense noises for his or her own entertainment at recess, instead of playing kickball? The one who would just walk around the playground shrieking and whooping to no one in particular*?

Well, imagine if that kid got himself a band. A really good, but equally not-from-this-planet band. And they would jam and shred and sound generally awesome and boss, and the kid would just hop on a microphone and make noise. That band might sound a lot like Ponytail.

Anyway, this record has sidled up nicely alongside The Go! Team and a few other artists in my collection that I can turn to when life feels too awesome for regular rock and roll. It's frenetic, exuberant, and because there are almost no lyrics that are actually words, it's whatever you want it to be.

I posted a track from this record previously here. Give a listen and see if you don't agree.

* What? You were that kid? And now you're an investment banker? No, that's cool, man. Seriously.

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