We Are Still At War

Endless Mike and the Beagle Club announced today that they will begin selling their new record, We Are Still At War tomorrow, May 20th, at craftyrecords.net.

The record was written, arranged, and recorded (live) in a collaborative effort by all fifteen members of the band. Head over to myspace.com/beagleclub to listen to the two new songs that have already been posted: "The Market" and "Bavis the Baby Davis."

A few things:
  2. Nice move announcing it the day before release. Verrrry savvy.
  3. It's cool when records sound like a band sounds live. Can't get any closer to it than recording it live. This record should probably be listened to loudly.
I'll be ordering this tomorrow. You oughtta do the same.

UPDATE: It's a pre-order, shipping around June 2nd. I got a little carried away there without knowing all the details. Still, I'm unbelievably psyched for this. There are a few more songs ("Back Into Eden," "The Pennsylvania Long Goodbye") streaming now here.

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