ZOX - Line In The Sand

Early in the summer, ZOX announced that they would take a rare (especially for the summer) few months away from the road to work on their new record. At the time, I wondered whether the increased recording budget that likely comes along with a decently-sized label like Side One Dummy would help the band to top their fantastic previous record, The Wait.

I now realize two things:
  1. That speculating about a recording budget's ability to elevate a band's performance is an annoying and totally head-up-ass thing to do, for which I am sorry. I've grown up now and I won't do that anymore.
  2. The answer might be yes.
The title track from Line In The Sand (out January 22) is streaming now at myspace.com/zox, and it's worthy of your attention. It showcases a band that's never sounded cookie-cutter traveling a few miles further down the trail it's been blazing for most of its career, and it's all the proof I need that I've no reason to spend any more time worrying about whether or not ZOX will continue to deliver the goods.

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