Brand New to release new song: (Fork and Knife)

brand new thrice mewithoutyou poster
If Brand New's past release schedule is to be any indication, it might be a very long time before fans have a full-length follow-up to the phenomenal The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me to sink their teeth into. Which is why it's cool of the band to throw a bone out now and then. On Tuesday, Brand New will release a song called "(Fork and Knife)" on the usually suspect music download stores.

And of course, they're going on tour with Thrice, who rule. Dates at myspace.com/brandnew.

According to a Brand New Street Team email, "(Fork and Knife)" will sound awfully familiar to you if you're in possession of the leaked demos that came out prior to the latest record. It was the 7th track. Now if we can get #'s 1 and 2 released sometime too...

Here's the link to get it on Amazon's new download service, with no DRM: (Fork And Knife)

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