we also ran.

Well, here it is. My Elba. She's not much to look at just yet, but I'm done licking my wounds and I'm ready to start blogging regularly again. I am pretty proud of the banner there on top, which I made in MS Paint (swear to God). I stole the three standing guys from an image of a men's room sign, but I had to make the seated guy by hand, pretty much pixel by pixel. You may wonder why he doesn't have a chair. The short answer is that the chair is invisible. The longer answer is that there was no fucking way I was going to draw him a chair. Come on.

If you're finding this site without me having linked you to it, let me explain the Elba thing. My name is Mike McClenathan, former program director (and chief blogsecutive officer) of the now-defunct PulverRadio.com. A lot of factors snowballed to cause that site's demise, and I like to think most of them weren't my fault. Regardless, the blog had been doing well there, and just because I'm not being paid anymore to heap praises onto deserving bands doesn't mean I can't do it anymore. So I'm going to do it here now.

A few notes about this site:
  • I'm slowly moving over all the posts from PulverRadio that I think are any good. I'm doing it by hand, so it's one at a time and it's taking forever. Since I'm doing it by hand, old comments won't be making the journey with me to the promised land. Comments will, of course, be accepted on all posts here at WeAlsoRan.com/music.
  • As far as the "/music" thing goes, I did that because the plan is to (hopefully) have more than just this music blog going on here, eventually. But we'll deal with all that later.
  • I'm using Blogger because it's easy, free, and awesome.
  • Eventually you might see some ads up here, but for now, this is a passion project in process. Please be patient while I figure out the look and feel, and populate the archives.
  • And feel free to tell your friends, if you think they'd dig.

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