If they're gonna fight dirty, you gotta fight dirty, too.

I promise I'm actually going to post about music very soon (like...later today?) but I just came across an interesting bit over at Techdirt that I just couldn't resist posting about. It seems that the RIAA is dropping lawsuits when they find out that their victims defendants are claiming that simply because they pay for the Internet access associated with an IP address, it does not follow that they themselves did the pirating. Which is, you know, a good point. An IP address is not a person. So the RIAA is dropping these cases before they get to court because they'd have to be insane to let a judge rule on this and set a precedent.

So is opening up your WiFi to your neighborhood carte blanche to download like crazygonuts? That's between you and your god, but the best protection is still abstinence. Wait, what are we talking about again?

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