Goodbye Blue Monday has big ideas

endless mike and the beagle clubGoodbye Blue Monday, one of my favorite venues in NYC (but a huge pain in the ass to get to) recently posted this message to their myspace friends:
Subject: goodbye blue monday is looking for investors with
Body: more than money.

we're looking for investors with expertise and vision who understand what we're trying to do here.
the big, virtual picture.
streaming, podcasts, live shows online, merchandise, sales and advertising.

we can't do these things with two-dollar PBRs.

this place is a setting for a lot of good stuff aside from being the coziest, naturally-sweetest sounding room in all of new york.

we're trying to build a kitchen, upgrade the backyard for summer shows and get the basement lounge and record store opened for the autumn.
we're trying to purchase the building we're located in.

there's a wealth of pics (if you don't know anything about us) on our website, as well as the press we've garnered since opening.

we're getting ready to go to blog format for the website.


you know where to find us!

here or here;

please repost!! we're looking for a future here!

Sure, the neighborhood (Bushwick, in Brooklyn) isn't the easiest place to get to, but I can confirm that this place is totally worth checking out. The aforementioned $2 PBRs aside, there are a few computers set up for internet access (and free wifi if you're carrying your own), and some great acts come through, like Endless Mike and The Beagle Club (pictured above, at Goodbye Blue Monday) and Drew & The Medicinal Pen (more on both later today).

Here's to hoping they find a way to do all the cool things they want to...

(Via BV.)

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