Railbird - Bowery Ballroom, 5/17/10

One of my favorite things in the world is watching the progress of a band as it finds its way. I had the chance to catch back up with Railbird the other night at a sold-out show at the Bowery Ballroom, opening for their hometown friends Phantogram.  As it was an opening slot, timing was tight, but the shortened set was enough to showcase a band that continues to reinvent itself, hone its chops, and refine its sound.

I hate classifying shit, so I won't, but I will tell you that even if you checked Railbird out the first few times I wrote about them and decided it wasn't your thing, you should circle back. They rock even harder now; they're experimenting with the range of sounds you can make with more musicians on stage, and Sarah Pedinotti's writing continues to get better and better. There were multiple times in their short set that they hit grooves I just plain didn't want to end. 

Give a listen here, but this is a band you should see for yourself.  And guess what, you lucky dog, you.  They'll be at The Living Room every Wednesday in June.  I'll see you there.

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