Jaymay - Highline Ballroom, 10/20/08

This was a cool show. Stories in High Fidelity, they called it. A bunch of guys who have written about rock got up and read things they had written, including a reading about a GNR cover band by Mr. Chuck Klosterman, and one from Dan Kennedy, from his book Rock On: An Office Power Ballad (which I loved when I read it a few months ago).

And then Jaymay hit the stage solo, for what started as a fun (if not completely sober) take on some of my favorites ("Blue Skies" FTW), and ended in the kind of special-guest-on-stage-scene that the word "shitshow" was invented for. I personally thought it was a lot of fun, but judging from the way half the audience headed for the exits like they were fleeing a bad fart, not everybody agreed with me.

Honestly Bruno, where did all that come from?

More pics (from an iPhone) of one of the awesommest/weirdest things I've ever seen below.

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  1. Jaymay is an amazing talent and a great storyteller, I always feel honored to be in her company. Truth is it was tough just to wait for Jaymay to get on stage.
    My companion (whom I paid good money for) left before she got on, but when she did finally make it to the stage she lit up the room as usual. The truth is the venue director was green and the entire evening was run like a low class gentleman's club giving a puppet show. Poorly run venues
    and showcases will be the ultimate decline of rock and roll.
    As a result ticket buyers and artist will suffer.