It's time now to burn.

It's really shameful how little I've written on here about Kevin Devine, even when I was writing more than 3 times a month. Not a week goes by that I don't put on a Kevin Devine record. This gushing is long overdue.

I driving with my girlfriend back to my apartment from a good-but-not-good-enough-to-drive-to-again sushi place in Coney Island, and I happened upon K-Rock's local music show, which is unsurprisingly more refined than the Providence local music show I used to do, and more listenable by leaps and bounds than K-Rock's usual fare of pap and dreck. They played a Jaymay song, actually, which is why I listened for a while. And then they played Kevin Devine's "Another Bag of Bones."

And it's just...something. We sat there in the car mesmerized, as Mr. Devine sang in his unmistakable tones of the human race's quickening drumbeat march towards annihilation. It's some dark shit.

Anyway, maybe it's just the "big election about small things" frustration I've been feeling of late talking, but this song really cut right to the nightmare heart of why I could give a shit about whether a candidate wears a flag pin.

Get it at Amazon here. Please.

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