The Lighthouse Song

Speaking of new things worth checking out on MySpace (and really, when are we not), Josh Pyke has posted the first new song from his forthcoming Chimney's Afire record: "The Lighthouse Song." The list of artists whose work I'll grant a preemptive endorsement is dwindling to say the least, but Mr. Pyke remains firmly entrenched there. Buy this record when it comes out. It will be good.

In the interest of not just posting a link to MySpace and calling it a day (not that there's anything wrong with that), here's a mostly forgotten interview I did with Josh Pyke back in 2005 on the now-defunct PulverRadio.com. The interview includes four fantastic live performances interspersed in between poorly worded, mundane questions and patiently delivered answers. I cringe to listen to the interview these days, but the songs are really marvelous.


  1. Mikey:
    As we've come to expect from Mr. Pyke, it's a great tune. Can't wait for the rest of the album. I don't think there's much chance of a tour in the States, but here's to hoping.
    Oh, and thanks for posting up that 2005 interview. Awesome stuff!

  2. Indeed. If a tour does come to the US, you can bet I'll be posting about it here.