I like The National.

I'm not sure why it is that I wax despicably verbose whenever I'm writing for Amie Street, but I sure seem to. A piece I wrote about The National just got published there, and I realized that although I've been listening to them incessantly for the past few months, I've never bothered to mention them in this space.

So...I've been listening to The National a lot lately.

BTW, now is a great time to give Amie Street a shot if you've been resisting thusfar, as they've recently won deals with some really great labels. Not only can you get all The National's stuff there, but now they've got Interpol, Belle & Sebastian, and a whole bunch of other awesome new arrivals.


  1. Why does everybody like this band? I don't get it. I find them so boring and awkward vocally. The hairs on the back of my neck actually stand up when I listen to this band. Their music just makes me feel uncomfortable. Perhaps I'm just bitter because an ex-girlfriend gave me their CD and now doesn't want to make out much anymore. Boo. Not making out is lame.

  2. I wish I had a better explanation of why I like it than "It sounds sad," but I don't. This is music for after a long day. Best served with a cold beer, or a warm scotch.

  3. Oh I guess that explains it... I usually take my beer warm and my scotch tape.