Sowing Season

The first single from Brand New's forthcoming record The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me (see the full tracklist) will be "Sowing Season (Yeah)." If you're one of the callous scofflaws that downloaded the leaked Brand New demos a while back, track 8 of that demo would eventually evolve into "Sowing Season (Yeah)."

A quick google search on a slow day yielded this short story by one Thomas O'Malley, titled "The Sowing Season." It's a quick read and I quite enjoyed it.

The best kind of blog posts are the ones that propagate unsubstantiated rumors, so here's something for you to chew on: Thomas O'Malley is a professor at the University of Missouri. Brand New recorded this record at Sweet Tea in Oxford, Mississippi. Both states start with "Miss." So Jesse Lacey almost definitely read this story and named the song after it. You read it here first.

If you preorder the record, you'll get a copy of the single for free, with an exclusive b-side called "Coca Cola." I did it.

***UPDATE*** you can now stream "Sowing Season" at myspace.

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