Josh Pyke is in the big leagues now, baby.

Big news from the Josh Pyke camp today: Josh's debut LP, Memories & Dust will be released not only on the venerable Ivy League Records in Australia, but will be released worldwide by Island/Universal (UK)! From the Josh Pyke Newsletter:

Ivy League Records has just inked a deal with Island/Universal (UK) for the worldwide release of Sydney songsmith Josh Pyke's debut album 'Memories & Dust'.

Josh was personally signed by newly appointed Managing Director of Island (UK), Dan Keeling, who made his mark signing global superstars Coldplay.

Josh is currently completing work on 'Memories & Dust' with in-demand producer Wayne Connolly, and it promises to be one very special record.

The landscape of music distribution has changed dramatically (to say the least) in the past few years with the Internet offering up new heroes day in and day out without the backing of the behemoth marketing budgets of the majors, but that doesn't mean it doesn't help a whole lot to break out of your own scene and onto the global one to have some deep pockets in your corner. For an act trying to go worldwide from Down Under, this is huge. Amazingly so.

And how about Dan Keeling and Wayne Connolly? Not bad names to have in your Rolodex. Dan's credentials are laid out before you with the Coldplay bit, and Wayne has produced records for The Vines and Australian favorites Youth Group (who you might've seen open recently for Death Cab for Cutie), among others.

So, heartfelt congratulations from your friends at PulverRadio, Josh. We always knew you had it. Don't forget us when you're dining on caviar with Jay Z.

(Check out Josh's interview/performance from our studios last year here. And expect to hear new stuff from him on PulverRadio by the end of the summer.)

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